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Pasture raised is better.

Here’s why:

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    Happy Animals

    Animals raised on pasture enjoy a much higher quality of life than those confined within factory farms. When raised on open pasture, animals are able to move around freely and carry out their natural behaviors.

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    Healthy Food

    Free-range chickens have 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat and 28% fewer calories than their factory-farmed counterparts. Eggs from poultry raised on pasture have 10% less fat, 40% more vitamin A and 400% more omega-3’s.

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    Better Environment

    Pasture-based systems can help the environment, especially through fertilizing the soil and by reducing the amount of grain produced as feed.

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    Support Local

    When you buy pastured meat, you’re not only taking a step to safeguard your health, protect the environment, and improve animal wellbeing, you’re also supporting sustainable farming and the farmers who choose to practice it.

Humanely Raised

Raised on Pasture

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